Do Raccoons Climb Fences?

You might be surprised that your vegetables suddenly disappeared when you are ready to harvest them. Chances are, a raccoon has eaten them during the night. If you have erected a fence, you might wonder if raccoons can still climb it and invade your vegetable beds. The answer is yes.

Due to their body structure, adult raccoons can easily climb fences that are more than 10 feet in height. The raccoons usually live in wooded areas. However, they can also become rampant in urban areas and can cause damage to your property. Female raccoons are known to climb fences in search of a den. If they gain access to your sheds, attics, and dens, they can tear up your electrical wirings. You might find a female raccoon with up to 4 babies in your attic if they get access to your house.

Food for Raccoons

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures. They usually hunt the garbage cans with their families at midnight or early morning. They like to eat grains, insects, worms and other invertebrates. During late summer, they prefer to eat acorns, fruits, and walnuts. They also eat amphibians, bird eggs, and fishes. They are known to be omnivores and can easily adapt to their environment. They have a unique behavior which scientists called dousing. They often examine the food with their front paws and remove the unwanted parts. This can give the impression that a raccoon is “cleaning” its food. Raccoons and Fences

Raccoons can eat almost anything that is available to them. They can go into houses and climb fences. They can also dig underneath the fences if it is easier for them. They have claws that can hold on to fences. They are also known for creating holes when a fence is made up of light materials. It is recommended to dig at least 3 feet when erecting fences. This can prevent the raccoons from getting access to your house. You should use fences made of metal whenever possible. Metal fences are slippery. Raccoons’ claws can have a hard time attaching themselves to the fences’ slippery surface.
Baby raccoons can found it difficult to climb fences that are above 6 inches in height. However, the adults can climb the fence easily so it is important to erect fences that are more than 12 inches whenever possible. They usually use their hind legs to push their bodies upwards.

How to Control Activities of Raccoons

You can use scare tactics to raccoons. Teach children to say “Go away, raccoons” so that adults can be alerted if raccoons are nearby. You should not offer them food as they can quickly become used to it. They can be aggressive when they don’t feel satisfied with the food that you offered. They can also become dependent on you. They might go into your neighbor’s house and search for food. However, your neighbor might not share the same sentiments as you do. You keep your garbage cans closed. You should also harvest vegetables as soon as they are ready. Call a pest removal agency if you need an expert who handles raccoons.

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