Do rodents make good pets?

If you are ever looking for an unusual pet more offers to make, then rodents as the best choice for you. These cute and tiny animals are not considered as pets most of the times, but the truth is, they form the cutest company to humans when kept at home. Good news is, they are readily available for you in pet stores just in case you get interested in them. And to be honest, why would someone want a rodent pet? Here are some of the reasons:

• Rodents are the most affectionate and interactive pets of them all.

They usually hang out a lot with their family and even watch television together, snack together or just take a nap. They really get excited when they see their owners and they can recognize them by just their scent, sight and sounds. If you have been desperately looking for a responsive pet ever since then rodents are exactly what you have been looking for.

• These are the smartest pets will ever be with.

Why do you think for decades now, they have been using rodents for psychological testing? These creatures are very intelligent, and therefore, they can be trained for any task and respond to it positively. These tasks may include; solving puzzles, maze running and performing tricks. If you want a smart pet ready for any challenge, then simply get a rodent.

• These pets are super clean and tidy.

Drop all the beliefs that rodents are dirty. Hell no, these are the cleanest pets alive. One thing about these pets is that they never sleep on soiled beds. You can as well train them on how to use a litter bin. They constantly groom themselves to ensure that they remain clean including their cages. They do stockpile of their foods neatly that you will never notice any split around. These pets are very tidy and forget about the weird phrase, “You dirty rat”.

• The quietest creatures on earth.

This explains why they can hide in a house for so long without being noticed or detected. They are quiet creatures and usually run around without being detected. They only make squeaks, peeps and chattering sounds which can hardly be heard. These are the best pets to keep in thin-walled apartments with noise-sensitive neighbors.

• They utilize the smallest space in the house.

These beautiful pets are very tiny, and therefore, they utilize a very small space or cages within the house. Anybody who is a pet lover but owns a small house, then rodents remains your choice.

• They are very easy to be taken care of.

Generally, these are the cheapest pets to have in your house. Unlike dogs or cats, they require everything lesser than the rest. Talk about space, food, and beddings name them. You will not require so much to take care of them at home.


Most of you believe that these pets have terrific characteristics. Well, that belief should be littered because rodents are the best. There is a variety to pick from ranging from colors, fur texture, and length, meaning that they will suit everyone’s preference, unlike all other pets. Yes, it is very true that rodents make the best pets.

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